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I help organizations and people find their souls. I excel at this not only because I’m deeply curious about and experienced in the dynamics of human interaction and relationships, but because I was once part of a soulless career that left me drained, confused, and unfulfilled in my work and most important relationships. I understand how people and organizations can have the appearance of success while crumbling internally with conflict and inauthenticity.

My career began in Silicon Valley as the only African-American woman at my tech company. Here, I honed my learning and development skills coaching, managing and facilitating learning and development programs for techies and executives. 

I went from speaking in front of techies to facilitating national conversations in television and media where I was a talk radio show host on KLBJ for twelve years, a renowned public speaker, and television commentator with appearances on Fox News Channel, MSNBC, CNN and BET. Writing also a passion, I’ve been featured and published in publications including The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Dallas Morning News, The Austin American Statesman, Madame Noire, American Thinker, World Net Daily, The Houston Chronicle, The Washington Times.  Perhaps most interesting is my political platform which led me to step forward to be the type of candidate I wanted to elect. In 2014, I ran against Greg Abbott in the Republican Primary for Governor of Texas. (You can read all about it at thatbitchwho.com where I blog on refusing the status quo.)

This journey corrected me spiritually and politically, calling me to effect change, equity, and humanity in a different way. I actively speak and work to represent the underrepresented and to negate negative stereotypes that bully women into silence and conformity. See the start of this with my  TEDx talk on being an Angry Black Woman.  I’m an active advocate for diversity in tech and equity in my community. Appointed by councilwoman Sheri Gallo in 2016, I serve as a commissioner on the African-American Resource Advisory Commission.  Additionally, I serve as the Executive Director of Team Austin’s scholarship foundation, a mentor at Galvanize, and as an advisor of the Austin Community Foundation’s Women’s Fund.

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