Hi, I’m Lisa. Nice to meet you.

I’ve been a communications strategist since I could talk. Nothing brings me more enthusiasm than using the power of words and connection to influence, uplift, and drive growth and change in others and the world.

I began my career in tech in Silicon Valley as the only African-American woman in our firm. Here, I organized our executive retreats, shaped training events and supported our executive training leadership with communications and administration.

Talk radio. Op-ed pieces, speechwriting, and public speaking from intimate groups to crowds of several thousand. Interviews in Spanish and with community and industry leaders, celebrities, and political figures for local and national publications. A TEDx. Running for Governor of Texas. There is very little in politics, media and media communications I have not done. And of course, there’s more I’d love to do and can’t wait to learn.

I’m a skilled influencer with over twenty years of results in media communications, politics, community activism and service to contribute. I’m up for challenges for meaningful causes. I’m unafraid to be vulnerable when it matters. I’m a master communicator across multiple platforms fluent in Spanish and conversant in Japanese. I’m culturally adept and able to relate and inspire growth and compel positive change across several communication platforms including, public speaking, opinion writing, speechwriting, motivational speaking, and personal communications consulting. I believe in speaking and leading boldly with tact, grace, and humility. I like to run, play tennis, read, and eat bacon. I love chatting with you.

For a copy of my professional resume and references, please contact me.