It Was Never the Economy, Stupid

Naturally, with 32 million Americans out of work, 46 million people on food stamps and unemployment levels between seven and almost nine percent in the last four years of Obama, Republicans stood behind Romney and cheered him on as he held fast to holding Obama to his devastating economic policies and record. We were wrong.

We should have known something was amiss when David Axelrod agreed to shave his mustache should Obama lose any one of three core battleground states. When Axelrod appeared on Fox News Sunday the Sunday before election Tuesday – looking as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth – all but declaring an Obama victory why didn’t we sense ruin?  All polls were tight, the economy in tatters, and the Benghazi attack should have been a scandal for Obama, yet Axelrod bantered and joked about mustaches and Obama danced with Jay-Z as if all were well and rosy.

We must give credit to Obama and Axelrod where it is due: they knew the changing heart of the American people much better than Republicans.  After all they spent the last six years campaigning to transform those hearts away from liberty and common sense.  In fact, Obama has been more candidate than he has ever been President. He and Axelrod spent the last six years plotting the moment they could convince most Americans that America was no longer the land of opportunity, rather a land of inequality too long dominated by rich, wealthy white men and an overbearing religious mainstream who wished nothing but woe to the middle class, malevolence to minorities, and the barring of contraception and abortion rights to women.

A record deficit of the last four years wouldn’t matter. He could blame Bush. And for that matter, kill two birds with one stone – get a pass on the economy and lay it at the feet of a rich, white Republican. Four years of constant golf and vacations despite the rising cost of living would not count because in the meanwhile Obama was also giving: one million Obama phones to Ohio residents; free health care coverage to all Americans; a bailout to GM; a record stimulus package. And in his bag of bottomless goodies there was even more to give and something for every one of the Government’s good children. Given four more years Obama could lavish even more benefits: free college tuition, free contraception, amnesty to illegal aliens, and tax increases on Americans making more than 250k a year.

Meanwhile, Republicans and conservatives logically sought to appeal to the dignity of Americans who were out of work and families faced with living on less and paying more for everything.  Republicans focused on the message that we could get the economy moving again and create jobs. Mitt Romney, an experienced and bipartisan Governor and successful business man would know exactly how to get our nation back to work and thriving again. It seemed the critical course at the time and what the country wanted and need most; employment and economic growth. It was a good plan.

We were wrong. While Republicans were stomping and rallying on creating jobs, Obama was making jobs a footnote.  Instead of sound economic policy, President Obama rallied for economic “revenge.” And, in a word, revenge is exactly what the 2012 election and the last six years have been about for President Obama and what he has been able to convince the majority of the American electorate that this country needs.

For every criticism of why Romney failed to win the White House: during the final debate he was soft on Obama on Benghazi; Chris Christie gave Obama presidential credibility during Sandy; Romney lost momentum at the end and didn’t go on national TV enough, there is one prevailing truth that stands out above the woulda, coulda, shoulda of the election: we are outnumbered, but more relevantly, we were out maneuvered.  The Obama team spent six years buying this country’s dignity and values with the promise of a new type of liberty for the poor – the oppression of the rich.

Yet there is more to how Obama wooed voters off their free couches and into the voting booth. Obama and Axelrod made Americans fear morality.  The same trick the devil used in the beginning to cause Adam and Eve to fall, Obama’s team’s duplicated beginning with gay marriage.

It was no accident the Obama was the first President to come out in support of gay marriage even though California voters rejected it in 2008. It was only slightly risky since Obama knew that African Americans, known largely as church goers and conservative when it came to gay marriage would be alienated, but not alienated enough to vote against the first black President for Republicans who Joe Biden charged “is gonna put y’all  back in chains.”

At first it just seemed tacky that Sandra Fluke would speak at the Democratic National Convention appearing alongside the likes of Bill Clinton and rising star Julian Castro in a crucial election. Sandra Fluke, not Hillary Clinton, would be an example the ideal American woman? A baseless woman whose idea of women’s health was someone else footing the bill for her contraception and promiscuity was chosen to help garner the women’s vote.  Where the Republicans and conservatives were proud to have Condoleeza Rice, the Democrats paraded out Sandra Fluke. What should have been embarrassing for the Democrat party was actually their trump card.

The Obama administration would make the freedom to sin an urgent ballot initiative. They would scare voters into thinking that losing the freedom to sin and bowing down to an established morality was the new road to serfdom rather than an all encompassing Government. In fact, freedom to marry whomever you love, to abort a baby at will and at tax-payers expense, to smoke marijuana legally (curiously tied to this election cycle), and freedom to choose a life of convenience and recklessness at the expense of others was to actually take the moral high ground.

Obama thrust these issues into the fore even though they were never on the Republican agenda.  In fact, Mitt Romney never made gay marriage, contraception, or abortion an issue. Obama and Axelrod figured by default his faith and devout religious beliefs incriminated him.  A vote for a devout pro life Mormon who doesn’t drink is as good as a vote for an antiquated and deliberated America – a throwback to a time when blacks were lynched, women couldn’t vote and blacks sat at the back of the bus.

Romney’s religion, wealth, and his stance on the economy became indefensible to the those who were defensive about being unemployed, being on welfare and food stamps, and who wanted their chance to re write the laws of nature and morality with gay marriage, free contraception, and abortion. Obama and Elizabeth Warren would assert that the wealthy and business owners didn’t “build that” as if there were no point in anyone aspiring to building anything in the first place. Not only would Obama make people comfortable in their poverty, he would make them indignant in it. Obama not only put Americans at ease in their sin, he would call them to be self-righteous and revel in it.  The American electorate turned out keep the devil they knew rather than the saint they had been groomed to fear.

What went wrong for Romney in the 2012 election was that Republicans and conservatives fought a spiritual battle with their wallets and not their hearts and minds. Obama and his team have been experts at expanding a secular American culture to the degree that we are not only outnumbered in terms of getting the minority and women vote, but we seem outnumbered in terms of our values and principles of basic right and wrong.

Though overwhelmingly people responded in both parties that the economy was key to their vote, they were not truthful. Had economy been the thing, Romney would be President. This election was a moral election we were blessed with a moral candidate who was told to focus on the economy.   For too long conservatives have either been too shy or too afraid to defend our stance on gay marriage, welfare, and abortion in accordance with our faith and devotion to God’s word.  We have been tricked into believing the other side of the lie which is that tolerance means we cannot boldly assert our love of God and apply his principles to our politics. The truth is we are on the right side of these issues only we need to articulate our hearts and minds not just argue about our wallets.   A conservative, God fearing candidate is what this country needs and wants. Mitt Romney was and is a fine and noble example of both.  That’s about the only thing we got right in 2012.

Lisa Fritsch is the author of Obama, Tea Parties and God and a national television and radio commentator with appearances on Fox News Channel.