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Industries, companies, and communities have a soul. Sometimes companies have never been established their soul; are in transition; or, have been broken and are in need of healing and reconnection. Whether you are founding, healing, or rediscovering the soul of your organization, this series sets the core of your being and speaks to your purpose and vision for focus, collaboration, and results. Time to get your soul in order.


ORGSoul™: Soul Powered Leadership for Organizations and Leadership

Companies have a soul. Companies that find and discern their soul have an advantage over companies that define them-selves based only on what they do, rather than who they are and why. The soul of your organization is a force for:

– collaboration
– innovation
– best practices
– growth
– talent recruitment and retention
– conflict resolution and prevention
– resource management

But, perhaps most valuable, is the bonding and synchronicity that comes from the intimacy and connection established over the course of the workshop. If your organization is looking to clarify your mission and values and be the kind of team that loves the soul of where they work, let’s talk. I don’t simply wordsmith to come up with stylish zingers. We deep dive into legacy and soul of the organization, it’s members, and how they want to effect change in this world.

Determine and define your core values, mission, and the voice (MANTRA) that uniquely and clearly conveys your found-ing purpose and intention to your organization and the world.


Soul(X)™: Soul Building Tools for Women

Work and wisdom to strengthen and inspire the feminine soul. Because when women lead, the world wins.

Leadership: Soul and the Feminine Leader

• Prioritizing the self and nurturing one’s own soul — Prioritizing life, work, according to one’s unique desires and purposes
• Setting a clear vision for your leadership, legacy with a pace and plan to get there.
• Setting boundaries and guidelines in one’s communication style and demeanor
• Influencing others with brevity, strength, tact and grace
• Female to female leadership and mentor dynamics—overcoming ideas of scarcity in order to generate more women in leadership.
• Owning and using one’s authentic power as a force


LOVESoul: Soul Building Tools to Strengthen and Nourish our Most Important Relationships

Love is the most powerful force of all. I created this series because in the course of coaching powerful executives, leaders, and politicians on their careers, what comes up more than anything is love and personal relationships. What matters more and what surfaces most is how to improve our most important relationships. More than what we do, who we love is one of our greatest parts of our identity. Who we choose to love and share our lives with speaks to the deepest part of ourselves, our souls.

Series Include: Soul and the Single Woman; The Mother Daughter Soul; Wiving and Self Love. We explore the powerful forces of:
• Loving and knowing oneself first.
• Establishing boundaries for yourself to show up as the person you want to become
• Setting a clear vision for the love you want and deserve
• Saying no and goodbye to what doesn’t fit
• Setting clear and consistent boundaries in love and compassion


Because when women lead, the world wins.
In response to the consequences of and the current state of male driven leadership in our world, we have a
desperate need for women to overcome stigmas and stereotypes to rise up and step into the fullness of our
humanity and power in order to change and save our world.
And, because our world and society are less bothered seeing a woman sexualized and objectified by and for a man than we are seeing her standing up to him as his intellectual and ambitious equal.
THATBITCHWHO is out to #change it to #changetheworld
– get a t-shirt
– stand with women
– claim your force
– speak your truth
– join a community
– contribute to the conversation
Welcome to refusing the status quo.


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